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May 7, 2008
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SupermanBrainy Stamp by XxmostlyhumanxX SupermanBrainy Stamp by XxmostlyhumanxX
Yay I made a stamp!! ^^

Ok if you couldn't guess this is a stamp supporting the Yaoi pairing of Superman and Brainiac 5 from the Legion of Superheroes. If you don't like it don't use the stamp, plain and simple.

I may have made this for everyone who likes this pairing, but I started it with one person in mind, the very lovely :iconpriestessofnox:. It's because of her that I not only got into the couple, but I was able to get though my grandfathers recent death with the help of her stories. So this stamp is dedicated to her, thanks for being so awsome PN.

Brainy and Superman (c) DC comics
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sasunaru4life Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009
SWEET! i got into this SHOW because my friend showed me that episode XD great pic and i relay like this pairing but did anyone notice how well the song you remind me by usher fits them WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too well XD rofl
KeyBlade-Prince Featured By Owner May 19, 2008
YAY! Brainy and superman make a fab pairing :) Gr8 sticker!
XxmostlyhumanxX Featured By Owner May 20, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, that means alot, and thank you for the fave. :heart:
Sakkashinn Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
Cool. :D
XxmostlyhumanxX Featured By Owner May 11, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. ^^
PriestessOfNox Featured By Owner May 8, 2008
Awww, thank you. I'm glad I was able to help. :hug:
XxmostlyhumanxX Featured By Owner May 8, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^^ You're positively welcome, and yes if it weren't for you and your stories I'm sure I would have cracked under the pressure I was under at the time. :hug:
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